The environment of the Intensive Care Unit is very different from the one of any other department: space, furniture, organization and rules are structured as to be functional for the particular type of necessary care for patients, but for anyone who isn't used to, they can result unwelcoming or downright scary. If we consider also the emotional burden of a relative who comes and visit a person so seriously ill to need a hospitalization in Intensive Care Unit, the discomfort will further complicate.

Knowledge let us reuptake control, not to be overwhelmed by the situation. In this purpose, the detailed description of what stands behind the door of the Intensive Care Unit wants to represent a help for everyone who is going to enter this ward, giving tools to face it with less doubt and fear.

In this session there are all the information about how is made and organized an Intensive Care Unit, how is ruled the communication and relationship with members of the care team.

But who can help you to understand what really happens in Intensive Care Unit, better than health professionals, beating heart of the ward? In this session we have given voice just to doctors and nurses: on the basis of their experience, they chose sentences and thoughts to share with you to let you feel less alone and more conscious.

You can find a little glossary of the medical term often used in Intensive Care Unit, made to explain uncommon words and help you in comprehension.

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- How is made the Intensive Care Unit

- The organization of the Intensive Care Unit

- The relationship with the staff

- Health professionals voices

- Glossary

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