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In 2017, the research study Intensiva 2.0 started. It belongs to a series of scientific projects to support the humanization of intensive care units. The aim of this multicentre, randomized and controlled trial is to verify on a large scale the results achieved from a preliminary study. A better communication toward families can improve the correct comprehension and the psychological well-being of relatives of critically ill patients admitted in Intensive Care Unit. 

The new research study wishes to involve 300 Italian Intensive Care Units, to scientifically evaluate whether different communication strategies, like posters in the ICU waiting room or brochures and website presenting the meaning of  intensive care, could improve the correctness of prognosis understanding and the psychological wellbeing.

A better understanding of the disease may decrease relatives’ anxiety and depression, and may help in dealing with the stress due to a loved one’s illness.  

The diffusion of this project represents an opportunity to develop good clinical practices in intensive care units as described in the Heroic Bundle and as promoted in the HUCI and ICU Liberation projects.



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