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SIAARTI is the Italian Scientific Society of Anaesthesiologists, Intensivists, and Pain Therapists.

SIAARTI deals with giving support to scientific activities, study groups, residents’ training and it coordinates and sets a standard in therapeutic knowledge to improve anaesthesia, resuscitation, intensive care and pain management.

SIAARTI develops guidelines, clinical protocols and education about anaesthesia and intensive care.

SIAARTI supports events and in this way developing knowledge about anaesthesia.

SIAARTI was founded in Rome, 24 September 1934, at the Library of Clinical Surgery at the Umberto I Polyclinic. The foundation of “Italian Society of Anaesthesia and Analgesia” (SIA) was approved by the founding committee composed by the professors Alessandri, Dogliotti, Tusini and Uffredduzzi; at this occasion they wrote the first statute and the regulation of SIA.

The big community of Anaesthesiologists is made up of many professionals which, in their fields, give prestige to this discipline. The Scientific Society that gather all these personalities is SIAARTI.

As our mentors taught us:  Anaesthesia is like a “Quadriga” (the Roman chariot) pull by four horses, i.e. Resuscitation, Intensive care, Anaesthesia and Pain Management. Starting from this “Quadriga”, many anaesthesiologists are specialized in one of these four sub-categories of anaesthesia, but the core idea is that every anaesthesiologist always has to master all of the four fields in mind.

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