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Associazione Nazionale Infermieri di Area Critica

ANIARTI (National Association of Nurses of Critical Care) is the scientific society of Italian nurses who share the idea of critical area.

By Critical Area we mean all those cases in which a person is in critical and unstable condition and a complex nursing management is required anywhere it may happen.

The nurse of Critical Area guarantees a nursing, prompt, intensive and continuous support to every Person in critical life and/or unstable condition, also using hi-tech tools and devices. 

The nurse of Critical Area puts his effort in order to provide a customized and humanized treatment, placing the patient and his relatives at the core of the treatment itself.

The Association was founded in 1981 and in 1999 participated in the foundation of EfCCNa (European federation of Critical Care Nursing associations), through which it participates at the European debate on critical care management.

SCENARIO. Il nursing della sopravvivenza” is the official magazine published by the association and it is indexed in the main databases of health care. Its aim is to boost the growth of nursing knowledge, in particular those referred to critical care issues.

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