Relationship with the staff

comunicazione pazientiAlthough relatives and health care professionals face the disease from two different points of view, they both have the same goal, that is to help an ill person to get better.

The staff of the ICU is trained to provide appropriate care, to manage machines that monitor the clinical course h24 and to be able to solve also unpredictable problems.

The meeting between patients' relatives and ICU staff becomes productive if everyone makes his own job: it becomes easier to walk this path together if you create a relationship of trust, closeness and mutual aid.

Sharing allows a mutual understanding, so relatives do not feel alone, and operators can offer the best care for the patients.

In this section of our website (, we face the challenges of communication that exist in such a delicate moment between relatives and operators. The difficult decisions that must be taken in times of great suffering become more tolerable if shared.

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