Relationship with patients

 It's hard to build a relationship, based on standard methods of communication, with patients during ICU hospitalisation. Your relatives often need a machine to breath, a tube passes in their mouths or across their noses; consequently communication is extremely hard. In some situation writing could be the right solution, but, mainly in the first days of critical hospitalization, the coordination of hands muscle it's not easy and writing is not possible. In addition patients could be sedated, with no possibility both in speaking and in writing.


Comprehension is difficult, even for care givers, experience and the help of specific instruments make communication possible.

Machineries linked to your relatives don't need only to keep them alive, but they also enable care givers to understand patient's needs, as drinking, eating or reducing pain feeling.



The constant presence of professional figures is also important to establish a good relationship with the patient. Each patient has the same group of nurses who take care of him and someone always ready to answer to his request. In this way, the care givers knows both therapeutic and habits of your relative.

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