Helping the staff

Relatives have an important role helping the hospital staff to know the patient, giving anamnestic information (previous hospitalization, allergies, surgical operation, familiar disease..) and information about the life style of the patient (dietary habits, sedentariness, job activity..)

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It's important to understand pre-hospitalization quality of life mainly of patients who suffer of chronic diseases, in an attempt to maintain the same quality of life or not to cause useless suffering with inappropriate treatment.

Relatives are useful understanding how is going, from an emotional point of view, patient's hospital-stay, so doctors and psychologists can take part in the right way: a positive attitude can impress concretely on clinical history.

 Finally, when the clinical condition are improving, relatives can help performing some useful activities for the patient, such as preparing food, helping in personal hygiene, bringing newspapers, music and video devices..

These activities are useful both for the hospital staff and for the patient because are precious sharing moment, in which the patient can feel himself attended by a the affect of his relatives and relatives can feel themselves more involved in the recovery process.

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