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 "Thank you for taking care of our Daddy"

This is a drawing that two children offered to the staff of San Paolo Hospital ICU in Milan, where their father was hospitalized.




Here you can read some of the caregivers' experiences from San Paolo Hospital ICU in Milan.



San Paolo Hospital – Milan, August 19th, 2011

Dear Gianfranco,

I heard my daughter Sonia's peaceful voice for the first time after 35 days. I'll never forget this phone call while I was still sleeping in Brasilia. After shedding a few tears, as fast as a high-speed movie, I recalled the hot noons and evenings in your relatives' waiting room at San Paolo Hospital. Detailed information but little words of relief. Still, I remember your hard fight to save my dear Sonia. You were so determined but never forgot hopeful words, warmth, manners and compassion. I don't know how far, or close, Sonia is from home, but all of you, as well as all of Policlinico Hospital staff, deserve my family's gratefulness, since you always believed that today Sonia could talk and walk again, leaning on a nurse's arm.

Today I'm writing to you because I want to share my great joy.

Thank you for everything. Paolo



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