The relatives role

When a patient dies, is asked to the relatives to report the will of their loved; in fact the choice of donating is individual and it is basic that it could trace the will of the deceased as well as possible. In a moment of great suffering and in front of the one which appear as a huge responsibility, feeling lost is normal; what is asked is not to make a decision in the first person, but to contribute at the realization of what the loved considered the best for himself.

Unfortunately, the decision of proceeding with the path of the donation, has to be made in short time because the organs progressively go on failure after the loss of brain function, despite intensive life support.


ruolo dei parenti

In absence of a will clearly expressed in life by the loved, the closest relatives could be called upon to give in the first person consent or dissent to the donation. The acknowledge of a gesture of solidarity can give meaning to the loss, even in front of the suffering from his death: the donation of his organs will allow other people to return to live.



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