After getting in contact with the ICU, you probably discovered a side of life you had never known before. In this reality big hopes and great pain coexist: the effort to cure and heal is not always  rewarded, but in any case, now you know there is always the opportunity to help someone else.

A gift from the heart is a noble gesture, that makes feel good those who do it, and, at the same time, those who receive it. It helps to relieve the pain and makes you feel as you have an active part in the healing process.

In a hospital, there are many ways to offer your contribution. Even when facing the death of your dear one, you can turn this event into a loving gesture towards another patient, who could come back to life thanks to donation.

For ICU's staff it is difficult to live every day together with the experience of pain and death. One of the reasons that drives us to continue to work with passion is precisely the idea that somehow, even in death, suffering can be turned into hope.


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