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The multidisciplinary research group who created www.intensiva.it published many scientific papers presenting the  advantages of this project:

-  A family information brochure and dedicated website to improve the ICU experience for patients' relatives: an Italian multicenter before-and-after study. (Intensive Care Medicine 2017)[Electronic Supplementary Material]

- Un progetto SIAARTI per migliorare la comunicazione con i familiari in Terapia Intensiva (Minerva Anestesiologica 2013)

 Verità è rassicurazione: il progetto «intensiva.it» (Scenario 2014)

-  ICU experience for patients’ relatives: is information all that matters? (Intensive Care Medicine 2017)

- Taking Care of Relationships in the Intensive Care Unit: Positive Impact on Family Consent for Organ Donation (Transplantation Proceedings 2016)


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